IT Ticket

Tech Support

When technical issues occur with the HSA Chromebook, please contact our tech support team in one of the three ways. 

  • IT Ticket on our website located at (follow this path) >> parent tabs>> tech services and guidance>>IT Ticket

  1. Email 

  2. Call the school and dial ext. 145 for grades K-5 (Miss.Thies) or ext. 150 for grades 6-12 (Mrs. Jayaraman).

After your tech issue has been submitted and evaluated, you will receive a message informing you of the next steps. The tech issues will be resolved by phone, email correspondence, live online meetings (via Zoom or Google Hangouts) or by scheduling an appointment to drop off the device at the school. If the device requires an extensive diagnosis, then accommodations for an interim device will be provided based on the capability and resources of the school.


Internet for Families in Need

We will work with families on a case by case basis to ensure our students have working and reliable internet services.  

IT Ticket System