Graduation Requirements

HSA Lorain High Graduation Requirements

Earning an Ohio High School Diploma

 Total of minimum 27 credits

English 4 units, including English I, English II, English III, English IV
Mathematics 4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or equivalent
Science 4 units, including 1 unit of Biological Sciences, 1 unit of Physical Sciences,

1 unit of Chemistry, and 1 unit of Physics

Social Studies 3 units, including 1 unit of World History, 1 unit of US History, 1 unit of Government
Physical Ed. ½ unit
Health ½ unit
Foreign Language 2 units of same type
Fine Art 1 unit (Art or Music)
Computer 1 unit
Electives 7 units, including 1 credit College Writing & Path, 40 hour Community Service


  • Total of minimum 40 community service hours
  • A passing score for every subject of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT)
  • No balance due for;
    • Admission application fee
    • Materials fee
    • Library fee including unreturned books/items
    • Destruction of school property fee
  • A counselor signed and dated “Senior Graduation Determination Form”
  • For more details and graduation options, refer to the Ohio State graduation requirements