Horizon Clubs

HSA has a variety of after school activities to fit your child’s extra-curricular needs. This year we took a new approach and had our students choose what clubs we would be having this year based off their individual interests. We take great pride in the amount of activities we offer and we know there is something for everyone. Even though we strive to offer the best clubs our first priority is your child’s academics.

Eligibility requirements

Students must maintain a C- or higher to participate in their clubs throughout the year. At the end of the first semester, grades will be reviewed to see if students are maintaining eligibility. If they do not meet the grade requirement they will not be eligible to participate in their club and will be removed from their club for the remainder of the year to focus on their academics.

Transportation/General Info

Clubs are held from 2:50 PM – 3:30 PM on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. The majority of the clubs will be offered on Monday’s only a few will be offered on additional days. Students must have their own transportation home if they are staying for a club, busing is not provided.

Below is a list of clubs that are offered at our school. This list does not include our Cyclone sports teams:• Advance Band

• Art Club
• Art Club
• Baseball Club
• Basketball Club
• Beginers Band
• Board Game Club
• Board Game Club
• Box Top Brigade
• Checker/Chess Club
• Chess Club
• Chromebook Game Club
• Coloring Club
• Creative Writing Club
• Cursive Club
• CYSP – ACT Math club
• CYSP-Robotics 6-8
• CYSP-To Science and Beyond Club
• Drama
• Elementary Band
• Extended Recess
• Gaming Club
• Home Economics/Life Skills-6-8
• Ipad Club
• Keyboarding Club
• Library Club
• Magic Treehouse Club
• Math Fun Club
• Newsletter Club
• Online Learning Club
• Open Library Time
• Photography/Yearbook
• Robotics High School
• Rocket Club
• Science Club
• Science Experiment Club
• Science Fair Club
• Sign Language Club
• Soccer Club (1-3)
• Soccer Club (4-12)
• Soccer Club (Kindergarten)
• softball club
• spanish club
• Spoken Word Club
• Student Council
• teen issues club
• Volleyball Club 3-5
• Volleyball Club 6-12
• Walking Club
• Walking Club
• Yoga Club