Statement of Philosophy

The Horizon Science Academy School’s educational mission is to ensure each student reaches his/her full potential.

The Horizon Science Academy recognizes its basic purpose is to perpetuate and improve the culture and enrich the quality of life for each student. The Board believes that an extensive program of student activities is vital to the educational development of our students.

Participation in these programs is a privilege extended to students who qualify based on specific standards of academics and student conduct.

This handbook contains the academic standards and code of conduct which apply to all students who participate in athletics. The guidelines, rules and regulations require that students who represent the Horizon Science Academy as participants in activities outside the classroom demonstrate high standards for scholarship and citizenship at all times.  Many of the requirements of these guidelines are in effect 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Students who do not live up to the expectations outlined in this handbook will have the opportunity of participation reduced or removed entirely.

Efforts will be made to assist students in making appropriate choices to comply with handbook rules. Students who do not attain required academic or behavioral standards will no longer be allowed to participate in school sponsored athletic programs.

Continued eligibility to participate in the sports sponsored by the Horizon Science Academy is based upon the policies and procedures in this handbook. Students and their parents are encouraged to read it and be familiar with the contents. Any questions you have regarding the handbook can be directed to the sport supervisor, athletic director or school administrator.

List of Sports


  • Girls Volleyball (Junior High & High School)
  • Cross Country
  • Track


  • Boys and Girls Basketball (Junior High & High School)
  • Hype Squad
  • Wrestling (Offered as a Club Until Program Develops)


  • Indoor Soccer


Seventh and Eighth grade students must currently be enrolled and have received passing grades in 75 percent of subjects in which enrolled from the previous quarterly marking period. Beginning 2012 middle school students must pass 75% of the  courses to be eligible from the preceding marking period.

All incoming 7th grade students are immediately eligible for fall athletic activities.