Accelerated Reader Helps Students Reach Goals

Throughout the quarter the students work hard at reading on a daily basis and take Accelerated Reader quizzes to earn points. Students who reach their point goals and attain 80% on average accuracy on their quizzes are invited to an end of quarter party. For the third quarter party Mrs. Jayaraman invited students to join her in the library for a cupcake decorating party. Students received a cupcake, of which they were able to then decorate with icing and sprinkles. The students then got to spend some time together eating and enjoying some fun conversation. We would like to thank Sweets by Maggie for providing all our cupcake party needs!

The following students reached their point goal with 80% or higher accuracy for the third quarter:
1st Grade: Alena Aridge, Christopher Day, Bryce Ibarra, Anna Baker, Jesse Canterbury, Mi’Lynne Jackson, Aliyanna Wooten, Alanah Gonzales, Moriah Hall, Andrew Knowles, Daniel Monnett, Gaige Patton
2nd Grade: Re’Al Kately, Adrian Lewis, Arianna Rodriquez, Ariana Cisneros, Cyrus Elliott, Stephanie Gnizak, Destiny Hogan, Aviana McAfee, Fabian Perez, Arron Tanner, Michael Torres, Timothy Vovak, Camari West
3rd Grade: La’Trelle Jones, Liam Kelleher, Jazlyn Miller, Noah Ortiz, Kyle Wilson, Aldo Zapata, Chloe Baker, Laleshka Batista, Jakob Myrick, Cenicio Novales, Jaysha Rodruguez, Domingo Soto, Lilianna Vaughn, Joe Verhest, Carly Watkins, Jairo Williams, Jeremiah Witherspoon
4th Grade: Annmarie Endrai, Emily Ramos, Teresa Jusino
5th Grade: Nekhi Bryant, Summer Gnizak, Noah McDonald, Anthony Myrick, Lisa Ortiz, Makiel Rivera, Joshua Vargas

All of the students did a wonderful job and we appreciate all their hard work!