Youth Speaker Inspires Students Through Life Experiences at Horizon

The Anti-Bully Task Force of HSA Lorain, lead by teachers Elena Sayers and Nasja Aude, welcomed Motivational Youth Speaker, Justin Ford. Justin has been a motivational speaker for 14 years and has spoken to thousands of students. Justin came to share his “Champion’s Challenge” message to the 6th-12th grade students. This message is a high-energy, interactive event that challenges students regarding issues like bullying and peer pressure. He also encourages them to look within to discover their true identity and provides the motivation to become the leaders they were created to be. Ford shared his past struggles and current successes with the students to inspire them to make a change in their academic and personal lives no matter what stage of life they are in- “What happens today and what you do today is going to affect what you do, who you become tomorrow,” he said. 

After hours of research of multiple speakers we chose Mr. Ford because we found his story to mirror our neighborhood/environment. The environment he came from is similar to ours. We felt a lot of our students could connect to his story. We also felt like his drastic change of lifestyle would be inspiring to the students.
During the presentation, Justin Ford provided our students with Five Keys to Success: 
1.) Changing your mindset 
2.) You are who you associate with 
3.) Take responsibility/Accountability
4.) Create goals and have a vision 
5.) You NEVER give up
At the end of the presentation, a majority of the students accepted his challenge to begin their journey of creating a blueprint for their success. Many students were greatly moved by his words. Several spoke one-on-one with the presenter to ask questions and thank him for sharing his story with them. The ABTF will continue to spread the message of positivity, commitment, and unity throughout the 2016-2017 school year and years to come.