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Summer Break Packets

Click the links below for your child’s Summer Reading packets per grade level. For K-8 your Summer Reading packets are highly recommended and meant to be as reading enrichment throughout the summer months. Each grade levels teacher will do some kind of incentive for the packets that are turned in on the first day of school. For 9-12 your high school teachers may have required this for their course and will be asking for it the first day of school. If you should need another copy throughout the summer we have attached the packets here. Special Notes when printing: K-2 (1st through 3rd), your packet is either packet A, B, C. Please print out one of them based on your level. A is geared towards K, B is geared towards 1st, and C is geared towards 2nd. *If you find your grade levels packet too challenging/too easy for you, you may print out the grade below or above to complete. The rest of the packets are assigned by the grade level you are going in to. So for ex. If you are a third grader you will do the third grade going into 4th grade packet. 8th graders will do the 9-12th packet etc 

Summer Packet 3rd to 4th

Summer Packet 4th to 5th

Summer Packet 5th to 6th

Summer Packet 7th to 8th

Summer Packet 9th to 12th

Summer Packet A

Summer Packet B

Summer packet C