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Robo-Cyclones Finish in the Top 50 Throughout the World

The Horizon Science Academy of Lorain Robotics team, Robo-Cyclones, recently qualified for the Vex IQ World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky and they did not disappoint!  

Beginning Saturday, April 28 through Monday, May 1, the Robo-Cyclones battled with 400 teams from 40 different countries, totaling more than 1500 participants all in an effort to earn the coveted title of the world’s best robotics team! They played ten grueling matches over the course of two days and proudly earned themselves a top ranking of 48th in the Engineering division. The matches were full of challenges, presented diverse learning experiences, and offered a platform that will inspire these future engineers for years to come.

We are extremely proud of our students and thankful for the hard work they put forth at this year’s competition. A special thanks to our students, parents, support staff and robotics coaches for all their support.