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Riding in Style from AIR Testing Success

Throughout the month of April and early May our students were taking the Ohio State AIR test. During their testing windows student received raffle tickets for attending the day of their test, putting forth their best effort, and having good behavior during the tests. After their test was complete they were able to put their raffle tickets in the bins of that prize(s) of their choice for a chance to win. The prizes offered were: bikes, a hoverboard, chromebook, earbuds, snack pack, art set, XBOX, and a board game box. Today we drew the names for the prizes, congratulations to the following winners:

XBOX-Daemon Phelps
Earbuds- J’me Hood
Snack Pack- Pablo Alvarado
Chromebook-Mattix Goldsmith
Art Box- Veronica Rivera
Game/Snack box- Marangelise Ortiz
Hoverboard- D’Yanna Horton
Bikes: Janae Charlton, Yazmarie Delgado, De’Antae Kirk
Autumn Edreff,Gabriel Dejesus, Carlos Avila