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My child has been enjoying all of her classes and has made Merit Roll since she started attending Horizon. She is getting really good grades and loves her teacher.They have a strong curriculum here and a great music program. The teachers are very thorough and have conferences often to update parents on their child’s education and grades. I personally have noticed that most of the kids in my daughter’s class are so polite and well behaved. The art and music programs are awesome as well, and I really like the staff a lot because they are always willing to help.
James- 2nd grade parent

This school has made an tremendous impact on my children’s education. I have had all of my children in the traditional public school system for years and it yielded nothing but bad grades following them and teachers/administrators not caring whether my child passed into the next grade or not. When this school first opened, I was only able to get my youngest child into the school because it was only kindergarten- 5th grade at the time. My daughter started here in 4th grade and she immediately went from poor grades, to A’s and B’s within 3 months here at HSA. She also started to feel better about herself and finally knew that she was smart enough to continue pursuing her dreams. Since then, she has gone on to be in the top percentage of her class, has been involved in the Ivy League/CYSP program at this school and also competed at several Science Fairs. She tells me all the time that she is so glad we found this school. When the opportunity came around for me to get my other child into the school, I couldn’t get the paperwork filled out quick enough. She is now one of the first graduates of HSA Lorain and has gotten five college acceptance letters as of now ( still waiting to hear from more), and has received a total of $60,00 in scholarships. The staff at this school really values all of the kids in this school as their very own.
Andrea Bratulic


HSA has made a huge impact on my child. Prior to attending he was disinterested in school and viewed it as a chore or punishment. He now looks forward to school and comes home happy and ready to finish his homework. The staff at HSA really do care about my child’s education and are easily accessible to parents. Thank you HSA, job well done
David Eggert


 All of my children have developed into self motivated learners that search out learning opportunities on their own. Their enthusiasm is directly related to the personal attention they have received from staff and administration at Horizon.
Paula Shannon


 Horizon is a great school!! Love the rules, it’s an anti-bully school, and zero-tolerance for misbehavior. I feel like my children are challenged daily. Lots of  parent involvement activities. Nice staff!
Amanda Williams


My child loves to go to Horizon Science Academy because they have teachers that care about their students and they give the children unwavering support and knowledge, because of that my child is happy to go to horizon!
Felipe Sanchez


My son is a young second grader, and seeing the growth in all his classes has a great impact on him as myself. For only being seven years old he is very smart because of the choice of school I made. I know if I would of put him in a traditional public school he wouldn’t be as far advanced as he is right now. I will not take him out of this school. He’s been going since kindergarten. I highly recommend this school to anyone that has kids. This is the type of impact it has had on his mother and myself.
Jericho Rogers


Horizon Science Academy Lorain has been such a blessing for our family. Prior to our child’s enrollment at HSA Lorain, our son’s health issues made it difficult for him to stay on track. Although the school system prior was a positive, successful school system, not every teacher was invested in seeing each child be successful. I can honestly say the opposite is true at HSA Lorain. Every teacher in the high school has shown a genuine interest in the success of our child and his peers. My son now enjoys and is thriving in school again. Thank you, HSA Lorain!
Jennifer Dover


As soon as my daughter enrolled at HSA, she found friends and helpful teachers immediately. She was able to go from a large inter city school system, to a smaller school where she felt more comfortable. This was great because she did not feel out of place and was able to get “A’s” and “B’s.”  We are so proud of her because she had a lot of adjusting to do and was able to overcome it.
Malcolm Mosely


My daughter has an IEP, and is involved in tutoring and many other programs that Horizon offers. She is doing awesome this year! I have never seen her enjoy school this much before. Thank you HSA!
Miosoti Torres

This is my children’s second year here at HSA-Lorain.  Everyone here is great, my children love it here.
Parent of three current students

Wonderful Staff.  Very dedicated to the success of the children.  Very welcoming safe environment.  Wonderful Secretary/Administrative Assistant, she does her job very well.  Way to go Mrs. Amanda Darmos.
Sara F.

Ever since my son Jayden has attended Horizon Science Academy he has been improving on his reading skills and also his spelling skills.  The teachers and principal are great, they work with my son to help him have a great educational experience.
Lorrie Buena & Jackie Cawthern

My kids love it at Horizon.  Teachers are nice and very helpful.  Kim and Lindsey (so far) like not having a ton of homework.
Dena Mellon

Ashley has done very, very well, she has been on the honor roll with straight A’s!  She loves her teachers.
Parents of Honor Roll Student

HSA is very organized and the staff is extremely friendly and concerned about building character in our children as well as educating them in the major areas of learning.  Thank you , I know that enrolling my son here was the best decision I could have made!  Here’s to a wonderful year!
Jody Henry

I enrolled my son into the school this year.  It has only been a month and I’ve seen drastic improvements in his behavior at school.  He’s learning more, and seems a lot happier.  The incentives are wonderful, and the teachers go above and beyond.  He now has after school programs to choose from to keep him active, and they take the testing very serious.  Switching him to the Horizon Science Academy was one of the best decision we’ve made as a family.
Parent of an enrolled student

We are extremely happy with HSA of Lorain. The teachers and staff are genuinely concerned about my child’s development and well-being. I am also impressed with the school’s commitment to academics and classroom behavior. Discipline and order are stressed and the expectations are clear and well communicated.
Anita- Parent of a 3rd Grade student.

Ashley has done very well, she has been on honor roll with all A’s and really loves her teachers!
Parents of Honor Roll Student

I love this school! All the teachers take such time and genuinely care for the students. From the Secretary of the school to the Nurse the Janitor, everyone! I would recommend this school to everyone. My grand-daughter is involved in so many clubs, that are free to the students. The school she was in prior to HSA didn’t offer any extracurricular activities. Thank you HSA Lorain!, Miss Bollinger, Mrs. Amanda, Mrs. S. and Mrs. Vien. 
Michele M. -Guardian