Horizon Science Academy of Lorain opened its doors in 2009 with only 90 students and serviced grades K-5. Since that time, Horizon has grown exponentially to what is currently over 650 students, serving grades K-12. Throughout the years, our students have set goals, achieved milestones, and dreamed of opportunities that could impact their lives forever.

In honor of helping our students realize the dream of graduating and showing our appreciation for their efforts, our 31 seniors who have earned more the 4 million in scholarship as a class, paired up with future kindergarten graduates in the hallways of Horizon. The entire school packed the hallways as the future high school and kindergarten graduates paired up together in their colorful caps and gowns, and toured the school receiving applause, messages of encouragement, and genuine love from their classmates.

Overall, the students at Horizon take to heart what John Quincy Adams once said – “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” With that said, we are confident that Horizon students are prepared to become future doctors, scientist, engineers, and productive members throughout the world, but as we know the seeds of knowledge must be planted at a young age!

High School & Kindergarten Graduates Unite