On Wednesday, February 22nd, Horizon Science Academy of Lorain honored African American History with a “Food for the Soul Celebration.”

This was our very first year for the event and we had over 100 guests that were in attendance. They were treated to home cooked food, an amazing step dance performance, student created videos about diversity, and wonderful guest speakers that included Mr. Darryl Tucker (Managing Editor of the Morning Journal) and Joann Eldridge (Former Director for the Lorain Public Library System). Both of them gave a strong message about the importance of a strong work ethic, surrounding yourself with influential people, and pursuing a post high school education to help propel your future towards success.

Overall, it was a great event and we realize that having such a diverse population at Horizon is one of our strengths. With that strength, comes an inherent responsibility to honor, recognize, and understand the similarities and differences among our cultures so that we can learn from one another to help impact our communities.


Food for the Soul Celebration