Dear Horizon Families,

The ConceptSIS App is finally here!! We are so fortunate that our network- Concept Schools has chosen us to be the second school community to test this out with our students and parents. Since this has just been released we will need your help with important feedback about your experience with the app. It is critically important that you provide all your feedback to the following email, or via the support link from your child’s account. This feedback will help us improve the app itself and communication methods.  Once you have an idea, question, or concern please use the support services first, so our central office can work out the kinks before putting comments or negative reviews to the app stores.

Please see information below on how to download the app to your devices.

Downloading Information: This is the very first version of ConceptSIS App and ready to use. Please download it today!

Android (Google Play):

iPhone/iPad (Apple Store) :