Child Find Policy

In accordance with Federal Regulations, Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act, Child Find Identification (34 CFR section 300.125, 300.451), Rule 3301-51-03(A) and (B) of the Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools Serving Children with Disabilities, this is notification that Horizon Science Academy of Lorain, has a Child Find Policy for identifying, locating and evaluating all students with disabilities (grades K-6) attending the district who have a disability regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services.

This includes students who are:

(1) Advancing from grade to grade;

(2) Enrolled by their parents in private elementary or private secondary schools, including religious schools, located in our District (regardless of the severity of their disability);

(3) Wards of the state and children who are highly mobile, such as migrant and homeless


(4) Home-schooled.