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Business Education Partnership Program (BEPP)

The Business Education Partnership Program (BEPP) is a joint effort between Horizon Science Academy of Lorain and the local business community to provide a quality education that prepares each child to successfully enter into the world of work one day. It is an excellent opportunity to benefit a business and enrich a school’s involvement in the community. The focus of this partnership is centered on student achievement and developing a successful relationship between our school and local businesses that can enhance long term brand recognition throughout the community for both parties involved.

Below we have listed some of our other primary focuses:

  • Opportunities to engage with the local community by sharing expertise and skills

  • Develop relationships that will promote potential employees of the future

  • Opportunities to be associated with raising educational standards and achievements

  • Excellent media and corporate social responsibility opportunities associated with supporting the school

  • Improved staff morale through commitment to the local community

  • Involvement in a stable and enduring partnership that will benefit the school and future generations of H.S.A learners


HSA Commitments to Local Businesses

Business Commitments to HSA

Benefits for Both Sides


Gift/Achievement Certificates

Saves Money

Website Page with Link

Gift Cards

Job Shadowing

Logo in Building on Partnership Wall

Sponsorship of Events



Donations items (hats, shirts, food, supplies)

Future Employment

Relationships with our School/Students/Parents

Field Trips/Internships

Marketing Tool

Recognition before assemblies and on morning show


Relationship Building

Collaboration with the Community Activities

Joint Educational Projects

Raises Educational Standards


If you would be interested in receiving more information or partaking in our business program, please fill out the information on the next page and return it to our front office. We greatly appreciate your help in making our school a great learning environment for students!

Horizon Science Academy

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